Which Airlines have the best (and Worst) fees in the world
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Every airline’s fees vary from airline to airline. Each airline has its own fare policies that it eagerly follows. We all love to travel frequently but of course with minimum spending. Well, there are plenty of airlines that provide cheap flight tickets for both domestic and international travel. 

Their services are also affordable and customer friendly. On the other hand, some airlines have either high price/fees or worse fees systems that put an extra burden on users’ budget travel. 

Every traveler wants to travel under a certain budget that they make for themselves. When a flyer comes to know, that they need to pay hidden travel expenses or extra charges for extra baggage, it ruins their entire mood.

To save you from unnecessary trouble, we bring the name of airlines that have the best fees and along with this you will get to know more about the airlines that have some worst fees as well;

Which Airlines Have the Best (and Worst) Fees

Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airline

Alaska Airlines is best known for its lowest seat selection fees. This airline has an easy seat selection option that is enough to make your air journey comfortable as per your needs. Some airlines carry predictable and simple fees for seat selection; others may offer complex systems that effectively set varied prices for each seat on the flight. 

Alaska airline’s fees include baggage, extra baggage, and other optional services. Checked baggage with this airline is free for flights within the territory of Alaska state. For all other flights, the first bag is charged at $30, the second bag at $40, and after 3 at $100. 

Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the USA. This commercial airline flies through numerous countries including Lihue, Honolulu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kona, Hilo, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Thailand, Tahiti, and New Zealand, and much more. This airline charges the lowest or minimal fees for seat selection fees. It has flexible cancellation and changes policies that make it convenient for travelers to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. 

Route First checked bagSecond checked bag
Within Hawaii islandUSD 25USD 35
Btw Hawaii and North America InternationalUSD 30USD 40
International RouteFreeFree

All checked bags on Hawaiian Airlines must meet certain requirements like size and weight to avoid the extra fees for overweight bags. If you want to save your bucks, your luggage weighs should be less than 23 kg or 50 Pounds, or its linear dimensions (height, width, length) add up to 157 cm (62 inches) or less. 

Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States. It is one of the major airlines of the USA and also known as one of the world’s low-cost carriers. It provides its service to around 121 domestic destinations and 10 international countries. 

Southwest Airlines’ fees are quite low as compared to other airlines’ fees. Low-cost fees become the central finger of Southwest Airlines. The average one-way fee by Southwest is $25. 

On the contrary, Alaska has $30, Hawaiian has $30, JetBlue has $39, United has $41, Delta has $45, American has $49, and Frontier has $96 charging average one-way fees from passengers. 

This airline is a bit of an odd duck in this analysis. Basically, it doesn’t carry seat selection fees. For the early bird check-in feature, you need to pay a $25 extra fee which allows passengers to confirm a boarding position ahead of time. This is why Southwest Airlines is known as the best airline for baggage fees. 

Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines is a famous passenger boarding airline headquartered in Miramar Florida. This is an ultra-low-cost carrier. Spirit operates its scheduled flights throughout the US and in the Caribbean and Latin America. 

This low-cost airline was founded in 1983 as Charter One Airlines. Do you know Spirit airlines was the eighth largest passenger carrier in North America as of 2020? It has nine major operating bases including, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago-O ‘Hare, Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, and Fort Worth. 

Spirit Airlines has the highest average one-way fees around $108. It makes it one of the most expensive airlines that charge a very high price for the airline’s one-way fare. 

Baggage Charges:

Baggage charges

Spirit airlines customers are charged for checked and carry-on bags. This is so that Spirit airlines can keep their ticket price affordable for the passengers. However, one personal item that fits properly in the smaller sizer box such as a small backpack, or purse is already added with your flight tickets. If you have any bag that is larger than a standard carry-on bag or checked bag will need to be paid for. 

A personal stiff must be no larger than 45*35*20 cm. 

You can be allowed to take a larger bag but yes You need to pay extra for the large-size bags. 

Here is the table for more information on check baggage prices:

Baggage typeDuring booking (standard fare)During booking ($9 fare club)Before online check-in (standard fare)Before online check-in ($9 fare club)
Carry-on Bag$31$40$41$50
First checked bag$26$35$36$45
Second checked bag$36$45$46$55
Third to fifth checked bag$81$90$91$100

The number of checked bags you are allowed depends on your chosen destination. 

Price may vary from time to time, so before booking any flight with spirit airlines, kindly visit the Spirit Airlines website for updated information. 

Important tips to avoid extra airline fees

Important tips to avoid extra airline fees

Every traveler wants to save as much money as they can during their travels. But they get frustrated or irritated when they need to pay extra or hidden fees for seat selection, extra baggage, and other optional services. Every airline has its own price policies, but sometimes many airlines charge extra fees without prior information which is enough to disappoint passengers. 

So to save you from this trouble,  we are sharing some important tips through which you can avoid paying extra fees to any airlines;

  • Before your flight booking, go through the official website of the airline
  • If you don’t have extra time to read all the information, you can contact some noted travel agencies.
  • Carry your essential stuff only 
  • Avoid extra baggage so that you don’t need to pay an extra amount for your luggage
  • Book your flight during the non-peak season so that you can save some sort of money 
  • Get branded airline credit card that covers baggage fees

Airlines’ extra fees are a strange headache, and it can be easy to give up on trying to understand them. Yet we get that airlines differ significantly in the cost and frequency of seat and baggage selection fees. In case you don’t have many options in which airline to fly, consider other strategies for avoiding extra airline fees. 

Note one thing, we are here not talking about all airlines, so it would be better for you to read this blog more carefully. With this blog, you can easily analyze which airlines have the best fees in the travel industry. So before planning any trip, go through this blog and plan your trip accordingly.

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