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Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s beaches are one of the perfect beach destinations to visit, along with your loved ones. Take your favorite person to the best beaches in Costa Rica and give them a cherishable moment. 

We all love to give surprises to close ones, and we always want to make them happy. Therefore, picking up the best place for them is a challenging task. But today, it has become super easy to find cool beaches where you all can chill and relax under the bright sun. 

Costa Rica’s tropical climate and green-covered area make it a gorgeous country in Central America. The pleasant weather and long sandy beaches attract millions of people annually. Costa Rica also has a rich diversity of marine animals like turtles, dolphins, starfish, jellyfish, and more.

Many international travel agencies provide the best water sport activities to travelers. During your trip to Costa Rica, you can get a chance to swim with these exotic and rare marine lives. 

Now, you are wondering which beach would be the best for sunset or a romantic date, do you or not? Hey, buddy, stop overthinking and read this article about the most beautiful beaches to visit in Costa Rica.

8 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonia beach is a nature paradise, or you can say it is one of the most pleasant beaches in Costa Rica. The entire region of Manuel Antonio is covered with a green sheet of palm trees and clear blue water. It is located in the heart of Manuel Antonio National Park. It also carries many flora and fauna that is enough to attract visitors. The beach is just 40 min walk away from the main entrance gate of the national park. 

  • Fun to Do in Manuel Antonio Beach: Hiking, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, underwater diving with sea turtles, and more
  • Best Time to Fun: Mid-December to April
  • Distance of Manuel Antonio from Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio beach is 220.2 km away and takes around 4 hours to reach from the main town of Costa Rica. 

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Its classic white sandy beaches and clear sky make it a romantic place for couples. Apart from them, this place is much explored by water sports and wildlife lovers. This beach is well-known for surfing, especially among beginners. 

  • Fun to Do in Tamarindo Beach: Surfing, Boat Ride, Sailing, Sportfishing
  • Best Time to Fun: Mid-November to Early August 
  • Distance of Tamarindo Beach from Costa Rica: Tamarindo beach is 310 km away from Costa, and Liberia International Airport is the nearest airport to Costa Rica.

Conchal Beach

Conchal Beach

Among all the lovely beaches in Costa Rica, Conchal beach is absolutely worth visiting. It has a long white sand beach with tall palm trees. Conchal beach is the chief attraction of Guanacaste province. This beautiful beach is full of natural attractions like Playa Grande, Playa Real, and more. 

  • Fun to Do in Conchal Beach: Sailing, Golfing, Sportfishing, Wildlife tours, Boogie Boarding, Paddleboarding
  • Best Time to Fun: May to August 
  • Distance of Conchal Beach from Costa Rica: Conchal beach is 314 km away from Costa Rica, and Liberia is the nearest International Airport to Conchal Beach. 

Dominical Beach

Dominical Beach

The Dominical Beach is one of the beautiful beaches situated on the south pacific coast. It is another famous beach for surfing and fun water activities. Its sandy beaches and lush green area make it an ideal location to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine. The Dominical beach has many central points of attraction, such as Nauyaca waterfalls, Marine park Marino Ballena, more. 

  • Fun to Do in Dominical Beach: Wildlife, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat riding 
  • Best Time to Fun: October to April
  • Distance of Dominical Beach from Costa Rica: Dominical Beach is 174.4 km away from Costa Rica, and San Jose is the nearest Domestic Airport to Dominical beach. 

Costa Ballena (Whale Coast)

Costa Ballena (Whale Coast)

Costa Ballena or Whale Coast is a wonderful beach on the South Pacific shore. Unita Beach, Hermosa Beach, Whale’s Tail, and Marino Ballena National Park are nearby attractions to Costa Ballena. 

Apart from the sandy beaches and huge palm trees, Ballena is rich in biodiversity and home to many rare and endangered mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. 

  • Fun to Do in Costa Ballena: Wildlife-watching, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat riding, kayaking
  • Best Time to Fun: Mid-December to April
  • Nearest Airport to Costa Ballena: Jerez Airport (XRY) is 31.4 km away from Costa Ballena. Sevilla 92.9 km, Faro 142.9 km, Tangier 116.8 km and, Malaga 171.5 km are other airports to reach Costa Ballena. 

Nacascolo Beach

Nacascolo Beach

Nacascolo Beach is another gorgeous beach in Costa Rica. It is one of the most visited beach destinations in Costa Rica. Nacascolo Beach is situated near the Papagayo Peninsula. Its picturesque location and long sandy beaches provide an unbelievable spot for vacations.

  • Fun to Do in Nacascolo Beach: Surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat riding, kayaking, Wildlife-watching
  • Best Time to Fun: February to April, and December 
  • Distance of Nacascolo Beach from Costa Rica: From the main town of Costa Rica, Nacascolo Beach is 304.9 km. Liberia Airport is the nearest airport to Nacascolo beach. 

Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach

Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach is one of the most diverse areas in Costa Rica. Due to its green-covered region and long white-sandy beaches, it greatly catches visitors. It is situated near the Nicoya Peninsula and creates breathtaking landscapes.

This place is best for surfers and yoga retreats. In search of isolated places, many visitors chose Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach. 

  • Fun to Do in Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach: Yoga, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat riding, kayaking
  • Nearby Attractions: Hermosa Beach, Manzanillo Beach, Carmen Beach
  • Best Time to Fun: Late November to Early May
  • Distance of Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach from Costa Rica: It is 65.5 km away from Costa Rica and took around 1 hour 57 minutes to reach Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach.

Samara Beach

Samara beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Costa Rica along with your friends and family. It is a protected area where all-natural resources and local species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds are preserved in their natural habitat. 

Samara beach is on the shore of the pacific coast Nicoya Peninsula. It is the best beach in Costa Rica, away from the city. 

  • Fun to Do in Samara Beach: Kayaking, snorkeling, sportfishing, scuba diving
  • Nearby Attractions: Belen Waterfall, Natural Center Tour, Barrigona Beach
  • Best Time to Fun: December to April
  • Distance of Samara Beach from Costa Rica: Samara beach is quite far away from the main town of Costa Rica. It takes around 6 hours to cover the distance of 288 km. 

Do’s and Don’ts on Beaches of Costa Rica


  • When you are at the beach, enjoy freely and stress-free 
  • Experience the delicious food at beachside cafes
  • Give a try to every water sport activities 
  • Keep your body hydrate
  • Follow the instructions of your instructor 
  • Follow the guidelines of beaches 


Before visiting any beach or public place, you need to follow some rules that save you from unnecessary troubles. 

  • Don’t litter around
  • Don’t throw a plastic bottle on the sea
  • Don’t enter the protected areas
  • Never swim alone or without any experts
  • Never leave children unattended

FAQs Related to Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica beaches are well known for swimming with sea turtles, fishes, and other marine life. But note one thing, don't ever try to swim during high tide.
Although all beaches are breathtaking in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonia Beach is the nicest beach in Costa Rica. 
Playa Rosada is popularly known for its pink sandy beaches.