best Greek Islands to visit

Greece is blessed with spectacular, widespread, and marvelous islands. Throughout the world, Greek Islands have immense popularity due to their natural beauty and picturesque locations. Among honeymoon lovers, Greece is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. Greece is the city of color, fun, and Shampine. It is internationally known for its exotic beaches, beachside cafes, natural islands, and much more.  

Greece is located in Southeastern Europe, and Athenes is the capital city of Greece. In terms of history, heritage, value, traditions, and customs Greece has an uppermost level. It is the birthplace of democracy and the Olympics. It still preserves its history so gracefully. Even each place of Greece is a witness of its glorifying past.

Apart from its historical significance, Greece is one of the best creations of mother earth.  It is full of life, natural lakes, rivers, forest, and rare flora and fauna. Greek Islands are the highlight points of Greece after its rich history. It has more than 225 islands.

Honestly for a traveler, exploring each island is not possible. Therefore, we have made a list of the most beautiful Greek Islands to visit. 

7 Best Greek Islands to Visit



Santorini is an iconic island of Greece. For our first choice, we are going with well-known and classic Santorini. 

You have seen this beautiful island city in various movies and web series. Its outstanding beauty and picturesque location make it a prime choice for a romantic honeymoon

The rugged black sand beaches of Volcanic origin, contrast with the white houses and the blue sea of Fira, a countryside perched on the western side of the Santorini island from which visitors can experience the awe-inspiring sunsets. 

Best Beaches on Santorini: Perissa, Kamari, White beach, and Red Beach (named after the natural lava-colored sand)

How to Reach Santorini Island: Tourists can fly directly to Thaira National Airport from Athens International Airport. 



Mykonos is a truly natural paradise. Along with natural beauty, Mykonos island is a hub for party animals. It is well known for its natural lakes, and luxurious lake-side restaurants and cafes. It is a perfect place for an ideal date night.

The laid-back holiday atmosphere is contagious and takes over anyone landing on Mykonos. Due to this reason, Mykonos island has become a renowned destination in Greece. 

Mykonos island attracts millions of tourists every year. Its exotic beaches, lush green area, and classic Greek-style architecture add a special charm to the beauty of the island. 

Best Beaches in Mykonos: Panormos, Elia, Paradise, and Kalafati beaches. 

How to Reach Mykonos Island: Major flights to Mykonos are run to the Mykonos Airport. You can also fly to Athens International Airport and take a ferry to Mykonos island. 



Paxi is yet another incredible island of Greece, full of natural beauty, lakes, waterfalls, and crystal clear waters. It is the smallest island group within the Ionian island. Although it is a small island, it is still large enough to amaze you. 

It’s less known than the other popular Greek islands, making it the best retreat of tranquillity for travelers or couples seeking solitude.

Various stunning restaurants and beaches are the main attraction of Gaios that serves fresh and tasty fish. At the time of evening, Paxi island turned out to be a magical place. 

Best Beaches in Paxi: Gianna, Soulanena, and Kloni Gouli

How to Get to Paxi Island: Paxi island is only reachable by boat or cruise. You can book a speedboat or ferry from Corfu and Igoumenitsa. 



Tilos is a small yet beautiful island in Greece, famous for its classic perfumes and clothes. Tilos island has rocky mountains with blue beaches. Rough back roads and mountains make this tiny island the ideal pick for adventurous travelers looking for a one-day trip to explore the rich flora and fauna. 

A major part of Tilos beaches are rocky and tough to access, but once you get there you will be able to enjoy the silence of nature, even during peak hours. 

Some best Beaches in Tilos: San Antonio, Red beach, and Eristos.

How to Reach Tilos Island: This beautiful Greece island doesn’t have an airport but visitors can fly to Rhodes and go on the cruise. People can also reach by ferry from Athens, Piero or Mykonos. 

Skiros/ Skyros

Skiros/ Skyros

Skyros is one of the pleasant islands in Greece. It is situated in the Aegean sea. Skyros is primarily known for its sea caves, seaside villages, beaches, and jagged coastline. This island has white cube-shaped houses that give a Venetian look to the island. 

To explore the streets of the beautiful island you can rent a scooter or a bike from the local wanders. It is one of the most thrilling yet amazing experiences that Skyros has to offer. The northern part of Skyros is green and hilly and home to Mount Olympus. 

Best Beaches in Skiros: Acherounes, Atitisa, Palamari, and Gyrismata. 

How to Reach Skyros/Skiros Island: You can catch direct flights to Skyros from Athens Thessaloniki Airport. 



Gavdos is another lovely and southernmost Greek island. In the list of the 7 most beautiful Greek islands, Gavdos has a unique and intact nature and it also maintains its conventional traditions. 

The accommodation option is quite less here, so we recommend you to carry your own tent or sleeping bag. You can set your tent on the most beautiful beach in Greece. Tripiti Cape is the second most popular attraction of Gavdos after its beaches.  

Best Beaches on Gavdos: Potamos, Agios and Ioannis. More than 80 percent of beaches are called nudist beaches.

How to Reach Gavdos Island: You can take a ship from Crete, which takes about two hours. 


Corfu is one of the best Greek islands to visit. In the epic tales of Homer and Shakesphere, Corfu island was used as the backdrop. Its beautiful sandy beaches and nature reserve make it an ideal location for short and long backpacking trips.

It offers one of the most picturesque locations that make your social media feed more vibrant and attractive. 

Best Beaches on Corfu: Nissaki beach, Acharavi beach, Dassia beach, and more. 

How to Reach Gavdos Island: You can take the ferry from the mainland of Greece. The daily ferry ran between Corfu and the port of Igoumenitsa.

Best Time to Visit Greek Island

Well, Greece is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. Throughout the year, millions of people visit here to adore the beauty of Greece. Greece experienced a huge crowd in every season.

But ideally, during the spring season, Greece experiences the most pleasant weather. April to early June is an ideal month to explore the Greek island. 

Greece Important Advisory for Domestic and International Travelers 

As we all know, we are living in the age of Covid-19. In recent times, active cases are decreasing rapidly. Therefore Greece opens its door for tourists with some strict advisory. The officials have strictly announced the major instructions, especially for international travelers.

Domestic travelers required both doses of vaccination. The acceptable vaccines are Sputnik, Pfizer, BioNTech, Johnson+, Johnson, Casino, and more. 

Greece citizens are required to submit a negative RT PCR report not less than 72 hours old.
For detailed information kindly visit the CNN travel website