best honeymoon destination

While a wedding is considered to be the most important day for a couple, some couples are more thrilled about their honeymoon than that of their wedding. Spending time far away from their families, basking in the warmth of each other, the honeymoon period is indeed one of the most exciting periods in a couple’s life. 

Imagine getting it ruined because of the wrong choice of destination. It’s scandaling, isn’t it?

So, to make sure that you make the right choice, here is a list of some of the best honeymoon destinations to choose from. 

1. Maldives


With private villas and the far stretched blue sky above the head, while the blue oceans are stretched in front, Maldives is the best honeymoon destination to spend some quality time with your partner.

The shade of the setting sun mixing with the water is a sight that cannot be described but only is experienced. With the beaches all around and the luxury of private villas, this place is best for a couple who are newly married and want to spend some time together without the disturbance of the world outside.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and spend your life’s worth saving. One can also opt for local inns and resorts and book flights as per their budget.

The Maldives might seem extravagantly expensive, but the right sort of planning can make you save a lot of coins while giving you all the experiences that the place offers.

2. Santorini

Santorini -  perfect destination for honeymoon

This city of Greece is famous for its romantic hotels, beautiful sunsets, and amazing Greek food, which leaves the taste buds bustling with flavors. This place is considered to be tailor-made for newly married couples.

Santorini, Greece offers beautiful beaches, astonishing ruins of the time etched in history, delicious wines from the wineries, and cruises that hit the people with a different energy. For people who love history, this will give you new ideas about the past that is lost and is only considered to be mythical, while the people loving some exposure will love the beaches and cruise rides. 

The red and black sand beaches are also a delight that should not be missed. While there are people who say the day will be enough to explore the place, only the people who stayed there for a day or a week will be able to drink all that Santorini has to offer.

3. Fiji


Fiji’s turquoise waters, the beaches of glittering sand, and the luxury resorts stretched across the 333 islands are the perfect haven for any couple.

This place provides the couple with the seclusion they want while offering them a list of adventures like surfing, diving, and exploring the coral reefs where they can spend some time exploring the place while catching on with some new experiences

The scenic beauty is breathtaking, while the local adventure and activities can leave you with wide eyes and a stunning mind. The drinks and the food are other points added to the long list of why Fiji should be considered as a honeymoon destination.

4. Bali

Bali -the land of dreams for couples

Bali is the land of towering volcanoes and stone temples, along with turquoise water and warm sand. This is a place that never disappoints with the rich scenic beauty and luxurious experiences, thus making it a synonym of Heaven.

The place is perfect for relaxation with the spa treatments and sunbathing, while the explorers will love the history and cultural tales that the temples can offer.

The cuisine and exotic wines can make you all the more satisfied. The people-loving adventurers will love discovering new paths up to the volcanoes, while the lush canopy will make them find the hidden treasure to the land.

Bali is anything but the land of dreams, which must be visited at least once.

5. Paris

Paris - the city of love

Paris, the city of light or, as per other, the city of love, is in itself the perfect place to have a romantic honeymoon period while having the warmth of your spouse wrapped around you.

From the delightful dining to the mesmerizing sights, this capital city of France seems to be designed just for the lovers who want to get away from their problems and spend some quality time with their partners.

The setting sun will light up the Eiffel tower in such a way that the atmosphere will automatically become romantic and spell-bounding. Not only this, but you can also grab some top branded products from this city of fashion.

The beauty of this place doesn’t even end here, as we haven’t even started with the richness of this place with museums and palaces to explore while getting an idea of what the history of this place looked like.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii for relaxing honeymoon

It doesn’t matter whether you want a relaxing honeymoon or one filled with adventure; Hawaii has it all covered for you. As the beach and the waterfalls can help you relax and bask in the sun, hiking and water sports can add to the adventurous sides of this place. 

This place can be divided as per the categories like Kauai can be considered for the honeymoon couples for the romantic vibes and luxury, while Maui can be counted on for the families and fun. Then you can opt for Oahu for partying, and sports adventures as the big island will serve the purpose of being big.

This place is majestic in itself with black sand beaches, snow-covered mountains, hiding waterfalls, and many other scenic beauties like that.

Lets Wrap this Up

These were some of the top honeymoon destinations that need to be considered before finalizing on what destination to go to. While many people will like the relaxation and the luxuries of the villas of Maldives, there will be many who will like to explore Paris while holding the hand of their lover.

Apart from these, there will be couples who will be excited about learning the history of Santorini and Bali, while the rest will like the seclusion of Fiji to spend their honeymoon period apart from the rest of the world.