10 Best Things to do in Fiji

Fiji is an island country best known for its tribal touch and jaw-dropping natural beauty. Being a noted tourist destination, you will find countless best things to do in Fiji. Fiji has much to offer its admirers, from exotic beaches to delicious cuisine. 

If you also want to add some spice to your vacations, add Fiji to your travel bucket list. It has some stunning islands, diverse national parks, ancient temples, and authentic restaurants. Fiji’s rich diversity is the major highlight of Fiji Tourism. Fiji island is the perfect holiday destination for solo, group, family, or couple travelers. 

The main reason for Fiji’s popularity is that it’s a budget-friendly country. So if you’re a budget traveler who always wants to explore the best at a low cost, there is nothing better than visiting Fiji once in a lifetime. If we talk about the best honeymoon destinations in the world, Fiji has excellent standards due to its natural beauty and countless romantic places. 

To help in your vacation planning, we have the names of ten things that you can do or see in Fiji with your family, friends, spouse, or solo. 

10 best things to do in Fiji

River Rafting in Taveuni – things to do in fiji

River Rafting in Taveuni 

Mother earth has blessed with countless stunning islands and Taveuni is one of the blessings showered by nature on Fiji. It is the 3rd largest island and is best known for its picturesque location, long sandy beaches, and river rafting. It has many rivers that create a perfect place for thrilling river rafting. 

If you want to experience some thrill in your life, don’t forget to try river rafting on the river of Taveuni. Apart from this water-based activity, you can also try kayaking, snorkeling, and much more to make your vacations more enjoyable. 

  • Places in Taveuni for River Rafting
    • Waimbulu River
    • Somosomo Creek 
    • Tavoro Creek
  • Best Time for River Rafting on Taveuni
    • January to April 
  • Average Per-Person Cost for River Rafting in Taveuni
    • $25 to $30 depending on location

Explore the Navala Village – things to do in fiji

Explore the Navala Village

Navala village is an almost 200-year-old village in Fiji. This natural paradise of Fiji is still untouched, and the locals are still rooted in their old yet unusual traditions. This place lies on Viti Levu’s north-western coast. Traditional thatched “bures” (Fijian huts) are the chief attraction of Navala Village. Locals are so generous and supportive, which means you will going to have the best time in Navala Village. 

  • Things to do in Navala Village:  
    • Enjoy the lovely traditional Kava (local drink) ceremony
    • Interact with locals
    • Try the local food, and 
    • Click photographs of the village
  • Best time to visit Navala Village
    • You can see the Navala Village whenever you want
  • Average travel cost to Navala Village:
    •  It will cost you around $40 to $50
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Visit the Mamanuca Islands 

Visit the Mamanuca Islands 

Exploring the breathtaking Mamanuca islands is one of the best things to do in Fiji with family. It lies to the west of Nadi and the south of the Yasawa Islands. Mamanuca islands are a volcanic archipelago. 

It is a group of 20 islands, and with its fantastic picturesque landscapes, the Mamanuca islands has become a popular spot among tourists. The islands are best known for their long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, rich marine life, awe-inspiring sunset, and water-based activities. 

  • Things to do in Mamanuca Islands
    • Snorkeling 
    • Scuba Diving 
    • Sunset Watching 
    • Cliff Jumping  
  • Best Time to Visit Mamanuca Islands
    • May to September is known as the best time to explore Mamanuca Islands 
  • Average Travel Cost to Mamanuca Islands
    • $100 (including transportation, food, and activities) 

Enjoy Surfing at Cloudbreak at Tavarua Island – things to do in fiji

Enjoy Surfing at Cloudbreak at Tavarua Island

Being an island county, Fiji has plenty of places where you can enjoy thrilling water sports. Surfing is one of the best things about Fiji. Tavarua Island creates an ideal atmosphere for surfing with high tides. Here you will find a lot of experts who will help in affordable surfing experiences with all safety precautions. Do you know Tavarua island is a heart-shaped island with an area of 29 acres? 

  • More Fun Things to do on Tavarua Island Apart from Surfing
    • You can also try Kayaking 
    • Snorkelling, 
    • Scuba diving, 
    • Jet surfing, 
    • Paddle boarding, 
    • Parasailing, 
    • Cruise ride, and 
    • More at Tavarua island. 
  • Best Time to do surfing on Tavarua Island:  
    • June to August
  • The Average Cost for Surfing on Tavarua Island is
    • $50-$100 (price may vary depending upon agents to agents)

Hiking to Bouma National Heritage Park

Hiking to Bouma National Heritage Park - things to do in fiji

If hiking is your cup of tea, Fiji’s Bouma National Heritage Park would be an ideal place to hike to get the breathtaking views of the Taveuni island and Tavoro waterfall. This hike will lead you towards the magnificent Bouma Falls that drop at 15m. This trek is ideal for beginners. So if you haven’t tried this yet, now it’s time to push your limits. 

  • Location of Bouma National Heritage Park
    • Taveuni Island
  • Best Time to Visit Bouma National Heritage Park: 
    • 365 days
  • The Average Cost of Hiking in Bouma National Heritage Park is: 
    • $20 per person

Snorkel with Sharks at Denarau island

Snorkel with Sharks at Denarau island - things to do in fiji

Denarau Island is one of the popular tourist attractions. With rich marine life, Denarau island has become a popular place to snorkel with sharks and other water bodies. This Fiji island is best known for its turquoise water, sandy beaches, and cruise rides. 

Here you will find many certified travel agencies that provide the snorkeling experience with sharks at different costs. So it would be better for you to ask the price before trying this water-based activity. 

  • Location of Denarau Island
  • Best Time to Snorkel with Sharks at Denarau Island
    • April to May
  • The Average Cost of Snorkeling with Sharks at Denarau Island is: 
    • $148 per person 
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Enjoy Banana Leaf Massage

Enjoy Banana Leaf Massage - things to do in fiji

Apart from its natural beauty, Fiji is also known for its aromatic massage, banana leaf massage, and traditional Bobo massage. You will find many authentic Spa where you can experience the classic Banana Leaf Massage. If you want to feel the real essence of this conventional massage, Koro Sun Resort Fiji might be best suited for you. This treatment is 100% organic, and herbal oils are used to relax your body and mind. 

  • Places in Fiji to get the Banana Leaf Massage
    • Koro Sun Resort, 
    • Island Surf Beauty & Spa 
    • Spa InterContinental
  • Best Time to get Banana Leaf Massage in Fiji
    • Throughout the year
  • The Average Cost of a Banana Leaf Massage in Fiji is: 
    • $200-$250

Explore the Hindu Temples

Explore the Hindu Temples in Fiji - things to do in fiji

Fiji is the perfect example of cultural diversity. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple Hindu temple shows the beautiful confluence of two different cultures and customs. If you are fond of such rich diversity, you just need to explore such temples in Fiji. It is indeed one of the best things to do in Fiji, and we will recommend you add this point to your Fiji travel itinerary. 

  • Location of Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Fiji: 
    • Queen Road, Nadi, Fiji
  • Best time to visit Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
    • You can visit Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple any time of the year you want
    • The opening and closing times are 06 am to 07 pm
  • The Average Cost to see the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple:
    • Free for all 

Shop local stuff at Nadi Handicraft Market

Shop local stuff at Nadi Handicraft Market - things to do in fiji

Nadi town is famous for its tribal touch and rich handicraft. It is home to many local handloom artists that make authentic items by using their own hands. Your trip to Fiji is incomplete without buying any local stuff from Nadi Handicraft Market.

  • Things to see in Nadi Handicraft Market:
    • Traditional ornaments 
    • Cloths 
    • Paintings 
    • Sculptures
  • Best Time to Visit Nadi Handicraft Market
    • You can visit this market 365 days, and 
    • The opening and closing times are 08 am to 06 pm
  • Average Shopping Cost at Nadi Handicraft Market
    • Depends upon the quantity of the products

Eat local Fijian Food at Legendary Taste Kitchen 

Eat local Fijian Food at Legendary Taste Fiji Kitchen  - things to do in fiji

Without tasting the authentic Fijian food, you can’t complete your trip. It is a must-do thing when you’re in Fiji. Taste Fiji Kitchen is one of the popular restaurants in Nadi which is best known for serving mouth-watering local and international cuisines. 

  • Location of Taste Kitchen
    • Nadi, Fiji
  • Best Time to Visit Taste Kitchen
    • Open 265 days and opening, and 
    • Closing timing are 07 am to 03 pm 
  • Average Food Cost in Taste Fiji Kitchen
    • $150 to $200

Fiji is an untouched and natural paradise on earth. Its peaceful places and traditional touch make it unique from other zones. It is heaven for tourists, and if you really want to experience the richness of Fiji, you must visit Fiji. The above-mentioned 10 things to do in Fiji are absolutely a treat to the eye. So with this, plan your trip to Fiji and give a thrill to your boring life.

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