best places to visit in Mexico

12 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Traveling and going on vacations is something everyone enjoys from time to time, but the biggest problem is to finalize a place that will suit all the people you are going on the trip with.

Whether you are going for a solo trip, a family trip, or even with your friends or life partner, coming up with the perfect destination can be a real challenge.

Thus, here we are to help you out. Below is a list of places that can be visited in Mexico and all the attractions that each place offers to its tourists.

Mexico is a complete package of culture, beaches, forests, history, food, drinks, and whatnot. While you are planning to take a vacation and are indecisive about where you really want to go, then Mexico can be one of the most appropriate answers to this problem.

Not only is it rich in history and culture, but also a perfect place for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. 

There are many flights to Mexico from different parts of the world. While some of the Mexico flights are direct, some of these are reaching Mexico via a connecting flight.

While there was no restriction earlier, COVID has changed the circumstances, and some restrictions and precautions might be implemented on the flights to Mexico to ensure the safety of the travelers as well as the locals.

While there are hundreds of places that can be explored on a trip to Mexico, we tried to list some of the top-visited places for you to have a look at and also to help you plan your road map accordingly.

Thus, without any further wandering to less important points, let’s dive into:

Best Places to Visit in Mexico



As soon as you hear this word, you will be forced to think about the drink, which most people love and hate at the same time, but don’t let this affect your opinion about this beautiful place Tequila. This place is one of the most famous towns given to its nightlife and tequila tasting as it is named after this very alcoholic drink.

Apart from being the town that gave this world-famous drink, there are various natural beauties which will be worth a visit.



Cancun can be considered as the resort capital of Mexico and is generally known for the hotel zone, which offers all sorts of luxury vacation packages as any other town. While there is no comparison to a place in the Peninsula of Yucatan, there you will find some amazing shopping points, partying places, and of course, restaurants to satisfy your taste buds at the same time.

Not only the beach, but if you want to break the monotony of the beach life, you can go for a visit to the ruins that too on foot while enjoying the place as a locality.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is situated in northwestern Mexico which consists of 6 distinct canyons. If you are looking for some adventure, you will surely love a hike or maybe a train ride to appreciate the scenic beauty that this canyon has to offer.

This place is altogether a different and unique experience from the rest of the places that are liked when traveling in Mexico.

Not only will your eyes be pleased with the beauty, but you can also get some amazing shots for your memory and, of course, to feed your social handles.

On comparing, you will find that the copper canyon is larger than the Arizonian Canyon.



Nicknamed as the White City, this place is often compared to the picturesqueness of France given to the European structure and vibes that the place offers.

If you are tired of the beach life of Mexico, you will surely love your experience in exploring this place. Being the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, this is the largest city there. You will find museums, art galleries, theatres, and preserved colonial buildings, giving you an insight into the history and culture.

There is something or the other happening every single night, which aids in never letting a tourist feel bored while parading this city.



Another very famous beach town of Mexico and has better boho vibes in comparison to the bigger beaches. But if you think that Tulum is just famous for its beaches, then you have another thing coming, as it is the only archaeological site that was built on the tall cliff displaying the picturesque ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Apart from this, there are several activities like diving, snorkeling, water rides, visiting the natural reserves, and a lot more mere feet away.

If you want to enjoy yourself with the locals and relax, then the best part of Tulum will be Downtown Tulum, which is generally less crowded compared to the overcrowded tourist locations in Mexico.



If you are looking for a place that gives you real Mexican culture, then Oaxaca is the best colonial city to visit. The city will give a mesmerizing insight into the art, natural beauty, and culinary experience as it still preserves the essence of traditional Mexico, which is still not touched by development.

This heritage of Mexico will give you a deep insight into colonial architecture, while the festivals and fairs that are hosted here will be more fun, and enjoy adding a variety of vibrant experiences to the days you spend in Mexico.

Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City is a complete combination of all the things a country has to offer. In this city, you will be able to find a bit of all Mexican states with its local food, culture, historical interests, and a lot more. While this place was once famous for its crime rate, it has been under the process of cleaning, and the emerging international restaurants along with mesmerizing cultural scenes, this city will soon be able to find its name listed with others like New York City, Berlin, and more.

Visiting this city will give you a sum-up of all the interesting cultures while giving a deeper perspective on Mexican history with its museums preserving the rich heritage.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is in the center of the country in the state of Guanajuato. This colonial town is quite laid back given to its retired European and American people, who are more into a slower lifestyle.

There are not many sights around here as San Miguel is in itself a major site.

If you want to avoid the overcrowding tourist destinations and want to break the busyness of the bigger places, this vacation spot in Mexico will be the best solution.


Teotihuacan; one of the best places in Mexico

If you want to visit some historical and cultural places, then you will surely love this city named Teotihuacan. With the pyramids and temples, which are beautifully constructed, the best view will be from the top. To do so, you can take a hot-air balloon ride and explore this stunning beauty from the sky and gush over the spectacular view that you will have.

While many people believe that Chichen Itza is the only pyramid in Mexico, the pyramid of Teotihuacan is also a breathtaking sight.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

This place is among the most beautiful and best Mexican Maya Sites to be visited, or you can even say it to be the best in the whole of Latin America. And why not? It is now among the seven wonders of the world. The greatness of the ruins will keep you spellbound, while the local stories will give you an idea about people’s faith.

You can even visit the gorgeous cenotes in the vicinity of Chichen Itza along with smaller archeological sites.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

This resort town can be considered a smaller version of Cancun except for having its own culture and delicious cuisines, which can’t be found in Yucatan.

Here you will find something for all the types of travelers with the lush forests, stunning colonial buildings, carefree nightclubs, and beautiful beaches.

Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen; one of the best places in Mexico

Unlike all the other towns, Playa Del Carmen will give you an international vibe rather than being restricted to the local experiences given to its exclusive bars, cafes, and timeshares. This place can be considered as the top resort town of Mexico, with new resorts being inaugurated frequently.

The international influence which dominates this town and the variety in the flavors that changes with every few feet as Playa has a large ex-pat community makes it a stand-alone town of Mexico. 

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best vacation spots in Mexico, and you can surely come up with a list of your own. While having a vacation, everyone wants to relax and explore the places that they desire. Mexico can be the best solution where there will be beaches, history, and of course, the amazing Mexican cuisine will be something worth every penny you spend.

These being the best places to travel in Mexico can be considered for solo, family, or even a friend’s week out.

While you are out exploring Mexico, do not forget to fetch some common Spanish words and even a common symbol t-shirt if you are planning to go to the core of this country.

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