Tips for First Time Flyers
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Flying for the first time can be an exciting and thrilling experience, but at the same time, it comes with some unexpected stress. When you do something for the very first time, it gives you the most incredible feeling, but again puts a big question mark in front of you like how to do, what to do, how to plan your journey and much more confusion. First-time flyers will always face such issues that we just recently shared with you. 

To make your first flight experience astonishing, many international travel companies provide detailed tips with a list of some best airlines for first-time flyers. 

We also comprehensively bring some fruitful recommendations for that person who is ready to fly for the first time.

  • We will tell you how to plan a smooth and hustle-free trip at minimum expenses?
  • What things you should remember?
  • What things you should avoid while traveling on a flight?

So are you ready to fly with us, my travel buddies? Look at our detailed itinerary and plan your first flight according to this;

Useful Tips for First Time Flyers

Book Your Flight Tickets From a Reliable Source Only! 

Book your flight tickets from a reliable source only!

Flight booking is the first step toward your first air journey. The internet is packed with countless websites that promise to provide the best and cheap deals on both domestic and international flights. At the same time, many websites are not authentic and may cause harm to your security. 

Choose only reputable websites that have years of experience and a commendable presence in the global market. It is vital advice for first-time flyers, and you must follow this for a better flying experience.

Book Your Flight in Advance

Book your flight in advance

Hard work is better than smart work, and it is a key to successful execution. You should plan your trip like a pro! If you book your flight in advance then, it would surely reduce your cost of traveling. Rates of flights are usually cheaper when you pre-book your flight in advance. 

It will save around $100-120, which is really a big amount if you are a budget traveler. Just imagine you can spend this money on some other stuff like purchasing new clothes, travel accessories, food items and much more. 

Arrange Your All Essential Documents

Arrange your all essential documents

Traveling without documents is not recommended at all. Arrange all necessary papers in a single bag or pouch. Whenever you visit any other country or place, you must carry your passport, visa (if required), driving license, inline permit (if required), or more. Put these all docs in your single bag so that you can show them when any officials demand you. 

Leave Early for the Airport!

leave early for the airport

The general thumb rule of hustle-free air travel is to arrive at the airport at least two-three hours before your departure. If you are flying domestically then reach two hours before and for an international flight three hours are sufficient for you. It will provide you with enough time to check-in, security check, and more. It is best practice for both first-time flyers and frequent flyers. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes

Comfort during travel is one of the essential points that you must care about. Whether you are a first-time flyer or a frequent flyer, wear comfortable clothes. Sitting in a confined space for hours can be a terror if you are wearing restrictive clothes. 

So it will be better if you add a comfortable layer of clothes. Add layers according to the weather. If you’re traveling during summer, try to wear a comfortable tracksuit or normal jeans/t-shirt and if you’re traveling in winter, wear plenty of layers like a thermal, woolen sweater, warm socks, and comfy shoes. 

Read About Baggage Policy Before Your Air Journey!

baggage policy before your air journey!

On the official website of every airline, you will find detailed information about the baggage fees and policies. They make an individual section for baggage policy from where you can get sufficient information about how much weight is allowed, what items are prohibited, what extra baggage fee and, how will you get your bag after you arrive at your destination.

Gather all the information before you fly. It will save you from unnecessary discomfort that might arise during your journey.

Choose your Seat Wisely!

Choose your seat wisely!

It is one of the important pieces of advice for first-time flyers. You need to be very particular before selecting your seat. Make sure your seat should be neat and clean and has enough space to spread your legs comfortably. If you want to enjoy the aerial view of the city then, a window seat will be the best option for you. For first-time flyers, seating on a window seat will be the best way to enjoy the air journey. 

Bring Your Blanket and Neck Pillow!

Bring your blanket and neck pillow!

When you are on board, you want more comfort. A comfortable journey should be your top priority. In this order, bring your neck pillow so that you can sleep without hurting your neck. Although many airlines provide blankets and normal pillows to their passengers, due to covid-19, it would be great if you bring your own stuff. 

Wear a Mask and Keep Sanitizing Your Hand/Surface

Wear a mask and keep sanitising

In the surge of covid-19, it is mandatory to wear a mask throughout your journey. It is the major protocol that every passenger should follow. If you disobey this order, you might have been fined. Before taking your seat, please sanitize your seating area and nearby items. It will help you to travel in a safe environment. After using the common restroom, make sure you properly wash your hand and sanitize the surface before leaving.

Don’t Travel in Case of High Fever, Cough, and Cold!

Don’t travel in case of high fever

If you are not feeling well, don’t travel by plane. Please keep your and others’ safety at top priority. If somehow you manage to reach the airport, officials will not allow you to board the flight. There is a thermal screening for all coming passengers so, you will automatically be caught by them, and they will take you to the testing room for the RT-PCR test. So it would be better to stay at home when you feel uneasy. 

Get Travel Insurance

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something important that you should have before every trip. Well, travel insurance is the thing that you actually need when you travel to an international destination.

It will cover most of the medical costs if you get into an accident. You never know what bad might happen to you, so it would be great if you get travel insurance before you travel internationally.

Keep Your Eye on Stuff!

Keep your eye on stuff!

It is your responsibility to take care of your items. Be attentive all the time. In case you lose any of your stuff, you will surely be in great trouble. To avoid this situation, count your bag, and make a list of things that you have carried along with you. 

Well, airports are quite safer than any other mode of transport but if your bag/item is misplaced, it will take time to find. So, we would recommend you keep your belongings with you. In case, if you miss your belongings, immediately contact higher authorities and file a report of missing articles. 

Follow All the Instructions of the Cabin Crew!

Follow all the instructions of the cabin crew!

When you are on a flight, you may come across too many announcements driven by the cabin crew for the safety of passengers. You need to follow their instructions carefully and follow the steps that they teach you. 

Some major instructions that they will provide you during your flight are; how to wear a seat belt, how to wear your life jacket, what to do in case of emergency, and how to contact the pilot in case of emergency. 

Don’t Pester the Flight Attendant!

Don't Pester the flight attendant!

To make your travel experience more comfortable, you will get an alarm button just above your head. It is made for just emergency purposes, inappropriate use of this button is not a kind gesture. 

In case of emergency, you are free to press the button hundreds of times and flight attendants will quickly take charge of the situation. If you need any things, you can go to the gallery and ask them in person for a drink or the thing you need. 

Kindness is the thing that is free of cost but has millions of worth. When someone is giving you their services, it’s your responsibility to be kind and generous towards them. If you are flying for the first time with any airline, it is clearly mentioned in their policies that inappropriate behavior with cabin crews or flight attendants is strictly prohibited.

Cooperate With Security Staff

Cooperate with security staff

Airport security staff is for your safety only. Try to cooperate with them and follow their words for a comfortable journey. For first-time flyers, a security check might be a long and exhausting process, but you need to show patience. Once you have done with the security check, show a cute smile and say thanks for their selfless service. Kindness is free. 

Things You Should Keep In Mind During Travel in COVID

We all have seen a drastic situation when covid hit our world. As time passes, the situation is gradually getting a bit normal but not at that level of normal. Many countries have now removed the restrictions on both domestic and international travel and flights are operating evenly.

 It’s you and our responsibility to stop the spread of novel coronavirus. In such a manner, follow the travel advisory and read each point carefully before you book a flight to your desired destination. 

Here Are Some Points That You Must Know About

  • Fully vaccinated travelers are allowed to board. 
  • In case you’re not vaccinated, a negative RT-PCR report is mandatory at the airport.
  • Need to wear a mask in public places 
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Maintain social distancing

So this is all about the useful tips for first-time flyers. We hope this information might help you and whenever you travel through air mode you will keep these points in your mind.

Travelling can be fun if you show gratitude towards those who help to make your journey more enjoyable. These points are very general but at the same time very important for flyers. Now, what are you waiting for? Be ready to make your first flight memorable and convenient with your ultimate guide.